Why SwitchCase?

We are not the only firm you can partner with. We do not believe we are right and that other firms are wrong. We are a group of talented and committed people who share a set of values, a vision on how to enable entrepreneurs and a commitment to a collective future. Are we right for you? Ask yourself a few basic questions.

Do you share, deep down in your soul, the SwitchCase Values?

  • Live and act with integrity.
  • Create something of enduring value.
  • Work hard, play hard and have some fun.
  • Work with people you like and believe in.
  • Make money and share it with everyone involved.

Do you have a deep passion about what you are doing and do you want to commit yourself to creating an enduring enterprise around the realization of this passion?

Does your business roughly fit the parameters outlined in the description of our partner model?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then the SwitchCase Group offers a unique opportunity. We bring significant talent, energy and experience to your venture. If you become part of the family we will work as hard as you do to assure your success.

Meet us and decide for yourself.

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