Who are our Partners?

The most important characteristic of our partners is that we have a shared vision. At the SwitchCase Group we partner with entrepreneurs who want to make a long term commitment to building an enduring enterprise.

Businesses we sponsor usually have the following characteristics:

  • The business should be launched with a modest amount of capital (< $1M) in a year or less from an investment.
  • The business should have a realistic opportunity to create and dominate a meaningful market. We are looking for markets where the TAM is in the $50-$100M range. Business is increasingly moving to a winner-takes-all end game. We believe it is better strategy to seek to dominate a small market with minimal attention from the deep pockets than to go to war in the big markets. Risks are lower, investment is lower and probability of success should be significantly higher. We plan to succeed every time!
  • The business should benefit from and leverage the human capabilities of the SwitchCase Group. We need to be involved in order to both receive value from and provide value to our partners.
  • In general we will pass on businesses with complicated capital structures. We prefer businesses where the principals and the SwitchCase Group comprise the entire ownership group. In this way we create and sustain a shared vision and common goals.
  • The 21st century business model is a lean organization with significant outsourcing of non-core activities to strategic partners. This provides the lowest costs and the maximum agility. We seek businesses that embrace this model.

“Know the rules so you know when to break them.” – The Dalai Lama. We want to work with really great people. The rules come second.

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