The SwitchCase Group Charter

SwitchCaseThe SwitchCase Group is a partnership between a principal private investor and a small group of skilled technology entrepreneurs.  The mission is to create and support a portfolio of technology ventures around a specific business model designed for success in the 21st century.

The SwitchCase business model has the following attributes:

  1. The SwitchCase Group will generally be the only investor in a new venture and the ownership will be limited to the SwitchCase Group and the principals of the venture – a simple capital structure with stakeholders sharing common goals.
  2. Candidate businesses are expected to require a modest infusion of capital and a relatively short timeframe to reach cash flow positive operation – larger scale ventures should pursue other sources of capital and support.
  3. Candidate businesses should have a realistic opportunity to dominate a small but meaningful market – we are not seeking home runs.
  4. Candidate businesses should have a lean staffing model which is heavily based on outsourcing to larger scale partners on a variable cost basis – we should insource only the critical and unique skills needed for success.
  5. Candidate businesses should derive meaningful benefit from the business, technology and market development capabilities of the SwitchCase principals – it is strategic to leverage the Group’s unique people and their unique skills.
  6. Each candidate business will be operated over an extended period of time and make a meaningful ongoing cash contribution to the stakeholders – we are seeking long term successful portfolio businesses, we are not seeking exits.
  7. The compensation model for all stakeholders is based exclusively on sharing the positive cash flow generated by the portfolio businesses – we believe that this is the best way to align the interests of all stakeholders.
  8. It is not a group objective to seek a liquidity event for any business but if such an event is deemed in the best interest of the stakeholders, the proceeds will be shared among the capital providers and other stakeholders at the time of the liquidity event.
  9. It is the intention of the SwitchCase Group to build an enduring institution that can thrive and grow over many generations.
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