Interactive Fitness

Interactive Fitness is not just about bikes – it’s about helping you build your business. The Expresso product line has  revolutionized the indoor exercise industry by blending eye popping virtual reality with a classic cardio workout.

The result is a truly unique and compelling experience that captures the interests of clubs and members alike.

This is a different kind of fitness product, created through the fusion of different disciplines. Mechanical engineers innovating alongside game developers. Seasoned commercial managers working with gifted artists. Together the Expresso team is delivering and unprecedented experience that completely redefines the conventional approach to fitness.

Our team is passionate about helping club owners/operators and their members achieve their goals. Built to the highest standards of commercial durability. The rider experience is constantly evolving and improving. New courses and games are automatically installed over the internet. Workouts stay fresh for your members. Upgrades are painless for your staff.

Interactive Fitness bikes provide a combination of precisely engineered biometrics and compelling psychological motivators. We bring the excitement of outdoor riding indoors. We make the workouts fun and engaging. Your members will keep coming back for more.